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Can the power of dreams be harnessed to help us solve life’s greatest challenges? Experts from a diverse range of fields come together to help you understand the symbols and significance of your dreams in this fascinating guide. You’ll hear from Ivy League psychologists, physicians, scientists from the National Institute of Mental Health, and dream researchers from around the world.

Each expert shows you unique ways to remember, understand, and even channel your dreams toward self-improvement and healing. Discover:

Why a “therapy dream” can break through psychological barriers that are preventing you from solving a deep issue in your life. Page 5

How an “epiphany dream” helped an aspiring novelist overcome writer’s block. Page 2

How—and why—to create a new ending for an unsatisfying dream. Page 8

How an entrepreneur’s “learning dream” helped her master a new software program. Page 4

Why you can’t take dreams literally—yet why you must not ignore their message. Page 7

Six powerful ways to better remember your dreams. Page 5

What you must do before you open your eyes to sharpen your dream recall as you wake slowly from a dream. Page 6

What to say to yourself before you nod off to channel your dreams toward problem solving. Page 6

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In What Your Dreams Mean, psychiatric experts take you inside a variety of their patients' own dreams to understand the deeper meaning. For example…

Failing a school test: This typically signals that a life challenge is on your mind. The two questions you must now ask yourself. Page 8

"I woke in the middle of the night to find my husband was not in bed. I could hear a loud buzzing sound...” How this dream led to a woman solving her marital problems. Page 3

“My [recently passed away] grandfather came to our house, and I was so excited to see him that I wrapped my arms around his neck for a hug. His first words were...” His message helped heal this woman’s relationship with her sister. Page 4

Teeth falling out: Why this means you may not be ready to accept a new situation. Page 8

"There was my daughter, now 26, at age 10 months. I felt a wave of horror. She was sitting in the tub, shivering, and her lips were blue. I had forgotten..." See how this disturbing dream led to a joyful new career pursuit for this movie producer. Page 2

Flying: This is usually a good sign — unless this is present during the dream. Page 8

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The gentle stretches that ease tension and clear your mind.

Tone your arms without weights — and without the hassles of a gym.

Bothered by cold feet? The two simple moves that boost circulation in your legs.

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Best source for “open and eat” recipes that taste homemade.

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