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Rewire your hormones for better sleep without restrictive diets or workouts!

Last night, while you slept, your body kept working. But was it working for your weight loss ... or against it?

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Dr. Michael Breus, USA's authority on sleep and weight loss, recently made national headlines with a study where women lost up to 15 pounds in 8 weeks by following his "5 Simple Rules" for deeper, better sleep!

His breakthrough method, The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan, shows how you, too, with little more than the right kind of sleep, can control the hormones that switch on weight loss.

Stunning research results: Improve your sleep, lose your belly!
Lose twice the fat! The best sleepers who lost weight in this study lost more than 50% fat, twice the percentage of fat lost by the shortest sleepers.

  Cut carb cravings by up to 45%! Chicago researchers found that patients' appetites for calorie-dense, high-carb foods like sweets and starchy foods were dramatically less among the best

Why well-rested people eat fewer snacks—enough to save 1 pound every 2 weeks!

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  How a good night’s sleep cut appetite and hunger by more than 20%!
  Why foods actually taste sweeter to you when you are low on sleep.
Could this trick end binge eating forever?

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Willpower doesn't lose weight — hormones do!
The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan shows that no matter what kind of diet you’ve tried, and no matter how hard you exercise, you can’t flatten your belly until four vital hormones work together for weight loss.

Now, with Breus’s step-by-step approach and “5 Simple Rules,” you can learn how to control these four vital hormones to:

Control Your Appetite so you feel fuller with less food!

Calm the Stress that fuels your carb cravings!

Block the False Hunger that tricks you into constant nibbling!

Convert Fat to Muscle to keep you leaner and stronger!
Order The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan Now!
Order The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan Now!
America's Sleep Doctor helps you gain sleep, lose weight!
Like millions of TV viewers who've seen "America’s Sleep Doctor" on shows like Rachael Ray, ABC News, The Doctors, The View, and Fox News, you can discover the secrets to losing weight while you sleep!

Dr. Michael Breus
works with
his patients in his clinical practice in Glendale, Arizona.
His findings and advice have
appeared in Prevention, Men's
, Psychology Today, and
Glamour magazines.
Dr. Michael Breus
His breakthrough plan, The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Losing Weight through Better Sleep, is available direct from the publisher now. This exclusive offer is not available in stores, on television, or in Breus's clinic.
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No matter what you eat, or how active you are, The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan makes any diet more successful and any exercise you are already doing more effective.

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Not available in stores. SPECIAL OFFER! SAVE 30%, plus get FREE Shipping and 3 FREE Gifts! 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed! CLICK HERE!
  The people portrayed in this promotion experienced extraordinary results using The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are essential
to achieving and maintaining your desired physique. Even using the same program of diet and exercise, individual results will vary. Results not typical.


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